01-The lion and mouse 02-Goldilocks and the Three bears 03-The city mouse and the country mouse 04- Patch's Lucky Star
05-Patch's Lucky Star 06-The little Red Hen 07-Thumbelina 08-The Rich Man and the Shoemaker
09-Three Billy Goats 10-little ant andy 11-Little Witch wanda 12-The Bremen Town Musicians
13-The Elves and the Shoemaker 14-The magic fish 15-The Wonderful Musician 16-The magic fish
17-Rumpelstiltskin 18-The Three Little Men in the Woods 19-The Velveteen Rabbit 20-The Five Brothers
21-Henny Penny 22-Rapunzel 23-The Princess and the Pea 24-The selfish Giant